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Jacobean Revival

Jacobean Revival essentially refers to the architectural style prevailing during the Jacobean era. The architecture of this time was also known as the second phase of Renaissance architecture. The first phase was Elizabethan period. The Jacobean era had borrowed a lot of things from the Elizabethan era. During the early years of the Jacobean period, the architectural influence of the Elizabethan period was clearly visible.

Jacobean Style House

Typical Jacobean architectural elements were flat roofs, windows bay with mullioned windows, gables, long gallery, Tudor arches or round arch arcades, scrolls and lozenges, etc. Houses were two stories high and in most of the houses, the traditional entrance hall was perpendicular to the entrance of the building. Wooden staircases were also a crucial feature of the Jacobean houses.

Jacobean Revival Architecture style

Jacobean Interiors

One distinct feature of the Jacobean architecture was the use of columns and pilasters. Carved interiors of the buildings, also known as strapwork was another interesting Jacobean architectural element. The carved interiors were influenced from the French and Flemish architecture.

Jacobethan Architecture

Jacobean architecture was under direct influence from foreign architects. The Jacobean architects blended the foreign concepts with the traditional English versions to create the beautiful architectural monuments. Wood carvings and fancy gables were still used during the Jacobean Revival era.

Revivals were popular for their huge size and shapes. One feature of the Jacobean Revival was that turrets and towers of many revivals were carved in such a way that they matched the Flemish gables.

Jacobean Revival

About Jacobean Revival

Inigo Jones was one of the notable figures who contribution brought in certain modifications in the Jacobean architecture. He was extremely inspired by the Italian architectural style. Inigo Jones introduced a new style of architecture which was very different from the traditional Jacobean architecture.

During this period, a specific and consistent style of architecture had evolved. Jacobean architects were influenced by the Italian, French, German and Flemish architectural style and used them in their own creations.

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