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Jacobean Era

Jacobean Society

The society during the Jacobean era was very similar to what it was during the reign of Queen Elizabeth. There was a social hierarchy in the Jacobean period on the basis of occupation of an individual. At the top of this social ranking were the King/Queen and the royal family, followed by the members of the aristocracy class. The next class comprised of the ministers who were appointed to look after the State matters.

Jacobean Society Values

The educated class was placed much below in the social ladder. However, during this period, owing to the industrial growth there was an increase in the population of the middle class. This class was now in a better position to earn as well as save more.

Jacobean Society

The position of men and women in the society also remained the same. Men were responsible for earning food for the family while the women were supposed to stay home and take care of the household work and raise children. Women were considered to be subordinate to men and were expected to obey whatever was being told to them. However, women did venture out and earn money. Many women began to act in plays.

Jacobean Society and Life

Boys and girls from the affluent class were given education at home. Some families were able to send their children to schools. Although boys were encouraged to pursue further education, girls were trained to manage the household responsibilities since a very young age. Marriages were decided by the parents and the children had to marry the spouse selected by the parents.

Jacobean Society and Life

The Jacobean people also believed in witches and witchcraft. There conception of the existence of witches was influenced by the legends passed down from generation to generation. Witches were believed to have the knowledge of black magic and thus likely to cause harm or injury. It was during the 17th century that most persecutions of the witches took place.

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