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Jacobean Crewel

Crewel work is a very old form of stitching. In fact, it is a type of free embroidery in which wool was used. Crewel work involved the use of various types of stitches. Crewel work was done with the help of pointed crotchets. This form of work is regarded to be very difficult form of embroidery.

Jacobean Crewel Work

Jacobean crewel work included various designs. Birds, animals, flowers, plants, Tree of Life were some of the commonly used designs for crewel work. Although crewel work per se had been in existence for a many years prior to the Jacobean period, it was during the reign of King James I that crewel work was perfected and it reached its pinnacle in the 17th century.

Jacobean Crewel

Crewel Embroidery Patterns

Crewel work was essentially done by women during their spare time. These women through years of practice had become the masters of this art. Crewel work was done curtains, pillows or even bed hangings.

Jacobean Crewel

A lot of color combinations were used in order to make the work look attractive. Colors like blue, green and brown were commonly used. Jacobean crewel work has led to the evolution of the modern day crewel work. Today, Jacobean embroidery is recognized as Jacobean crewel work.

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