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Jacobean Flooring

Whenever we think about a house, one of the things that automatically come to our mind is the flooring. Back in the Jacobean times, flooring of the Jacobean house was made using wood. Oak, Ebony, Walnut, Hardwood were some of the commonly used materials.

It may seem that wood flooring did not add much to the décor of the house. However, it is not true. Although the flooring was made using wood, there were a lot of flooring patterns which people chose to make their home look different. Oak flooring was available in red and white. Such colors really added a different theme to the house.

Jacobean flooring was primarily dark and brown. It may be said that this dark flooring pattern went well with the furniture of the house. Such flooring types were easy to manage. However, they needed regular polishing and care.

Jacobean Flooring

Jacobean era Flooring

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