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Elizabethan England Maps

The Elizabethan Era was considered as the most interesting epoch in the record of England. It was named after Queen Elizabeth I, who was the greatest Queen of the place in all times. The period is not only famed because of the queen but because of the era itself.

The rise of Walter Raleigh and Sir Francis Drake, who both belong to the greatest explorer of the time, happened during this period. Who would forget about William Shakespeare and Christopher Marlowe who both contributed a significant piece of their life in history?

Elizabethan England Maps

England and Wales belonged to the Elizabethan Britain. Moreover, Ireland was also among them in where Protestants would normally live such as Edmund Spenser. These Protestants were repulsive thus they were the main subject of massacres. In view of this, armies would normally flock the place to resolve the problem but they frequently go home unsuccessfully of their task.

In the Elizabethan map, the only country which was surrounded by this political entity was Scotland. The place unfortunately possesses their personal religious troubles also although France is their real trouble since it was calling in debts over the last few years.

The largest part of United Kingdom was England and it was also considered as the most populous country located over 50,334 square miles. In its Northern part is flocked with mountains; Cumbrian Mountains are the chief highland. The southern coast was composed of rolling hills in wide range of plains.

Elizabethan England Map

Elizabethan England map consist of houses, restaurants, buildings, train station, hotels, pub, cottage, tourist information and a lot more. The map itself was measured to have an extreme importance in a person life given that they would usually travel from one place to another.

There were not enough road signs to guide a traveler on the street thus the map serve as their light in that somehow unfamiliar place.

Elizabethan England Maps

However, with the dawn of bubonic plague, travelers reduced in quantity given that they are looked upon with doubt and fear since people thought that they are the main carrier of the dreadful disease although the importance of the map was still and had always been recognized.

Someone who wishes to go into another place would fail to seek the help of a cab driver like of today since everything's a walking distance thus they'll rely on their own ability to get to their destination.

Facts About Elizabethan England Maps

As usual, the fastest means is by traveling by a horse since it can slip into the traffic efficiently. On the other hand, the cleanest way to travel is through boat in the Thanes River. Traveling in water is faster than going through carriages and wagons. For people with no boat, they just simply hail in the shore and after some minute someone would lend their boat for a few pennies.

On record, a lot of Elizabethan Era maps were ceased these days that somehow projects the life of the people during that time. They provided quick few glimpses of the past.

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