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Jacobean Theatre

Jacobean period was the time when theatre was flourishing. One reason that can be attributed to the growing popularity of theatres was the plays written by the playwrights of that period. They used variant genres to catch the interest of the audience.

Jacobean Plays

Unlike today, theatres during the early Jacobean period did not comprise of building. In fact, seating arrangement for audience was built around an open space. In this ways, the audience sat in rows which faced the stage. King's Men was a famous company which produced plays. Playwrights like William Shakespeare were known to have been associated with this company.

Jacobean Theatre

Jacobean Theatre

Theatres were either public playhouses or private playhouses. Public playhouses were the places where the commoners went to watch the plays. These theatres sold the tickets at affordable prices. Private playhouses were places where royals and other members of the affluent class enjoyed the performances of the actors. Jacobean era theatres did not contain seats in thousands.

Jacobean Theatre

Thus, the space provided for the audience was very limited. Jacobean theatres were primarily run in London city. Women were upto a certain extent not allowed to participate in the plays. Popular theatres of those times were Globe Theatre and Blackfriars Theatre. The Globe Theatre was an indoor theatre.

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