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Compare Jacobean and Elizabethan Eras

1) Territory comparison between Jacobean and Elizabethan

Queen Elizabeth ruled over the territory of England only. However, at the time when King James I ascended the throne, there was unification of England and Scotland.

2) Prosperity comparison between Jacobean and Elizabethan

The Elizabethan era was prosperous and is regarded as the 'golden age' of the British history. The same was not the case during Jacobean period. Although there was progress in various fields, the kingdom faced the problem of debt liabilities.

3) English Language - differences between Jacobean and Elizabethan

English language, both spoken and written during the Elizabethan period was considered to be very difficult. There were only 24 alphabets as compared to the present day 26 alphabets. Credit is to be given to Shakespeare who coined many of the words that we commonly use today. Jacobean English was easier to understand and led to the emergence of modern day English language.

4) Compare literary work between Elizabethan and Jacobean

Both Elizabethan and Jacobean periods witnessed the fine work of Shakespeare.Its difficult to find anyone even closer in Jacobean era.

Compare Jacobean and Elizabethan Eras

5) Development of Industries comparison between Jacobean and Elizabethan eras

Elizabethan era saw the development in many fields like science, literature and even arts. During the Jacobean era, there was emergence of tobacco industry. Tobacco was very commonly consumed during the Jacobean period.

6) Fashion and Clothing

Elizabethan era had made Sumptuary laws which specified what type of clothes a person belonging to a particular social rank should wear. Such laws were never made during the Jacobean period.

7) Jacobean and Elizabethan beliefs about Witchcraft

During Elizabethan and Jacobean eras, people strongly believed in the existence of supernatural entities like witches, ghosts, and evils. King James I had brought an Act into force by virtue of which if a person was found guilty of practicing witchcraft, it could lead to either death sentence or attachment of property.

8) Chairs used in Jacobean and Elizabethan

Elizabethan furniture was heavy, strong and sturdy. Chairs had lower backs, wooden seats and arms. These made them very uncomfortable. During the Jacobean period, the arms of the chairs were removed, the back of the chair was a bit higher. Also, upholstery was used to make the seats comfortable to sit on. Farthingale chairs were introduced particularly for women.

9) Colonization

Although Queen Elizabeth had sent many voyages to explore new islands, most of the colonization took place after her death. During the Jacobean era, America was a British colony.

10) Architecture

Elizabethan era can be considered to be the beginning of the Renaissance period. Jacobean era was the second part of the Renaissance period. Typical characteristics of Jacobean architecture were flat roofs, long gallery, window bays with mullioned windows, etc.

Compare Jacobean and Elizabethan Eras

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