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There is no doubt about it that when you visit England you know there is a lot to see from a historical perspective. Almost anywhere you look you find some amazing history which stems all the way back prior to the time that Queen Elizabeth I was alive.

Elizabethan Travel

However, the Elizabethan era did make a name for itself in history and you can still see many places that are associated with it. There is simply nothing like some of the old locations. Here are some places for Elizabethan Travel.

If you want to go to an area that Queen Elizabeth I spent some time, then you do not have to look much further than the Hatfield House Old Palace. In fact, this is where Queen Elizabeth I likely spent a good portion of her youth.

I can imagine her roaming around the nearby gardens and sitting in the home. She was also probably told that she was going to be queen in this home as well. That is a pretty amazing thing that not many people get to encounter in their lifetime.

Tower of London

Another place you can go to see some thing about Queen Elizabeth I is the Tower of London. There are really a few things at the Tower of London that make it particularly unique to Queen Elizabeth I.

Elizabethan Travel

First off, she actually spent some time there when she was younger because they believed she was in support of Protestants. This was a huge problem during this time. Luckily, they eventually let her out and relieved her of the charges.

Another part of the Tower of London that is special to Queen Elizabeth I is also her crown. Many of the previous monarch's of England have their attire and jewels on public display today. You will find some of Queen Elizabeth I's as well there. It is a very interesting place. It is odd that this stuff is held there but also a place that Queen Elizabeth I probably sent a lot of people for torture and to be put to death.

Lastly, you certainly can not forget that William Shakespeare was one of the popular icons of this time era. You can see many of the historical amphitheatres that his plays were held in as well as his birthplace. His birthplace is open to the public. It has recently been renovated to its historical condition so that you can go inside of it.

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