Elizabethan Era 1558 - 1603

The Tudors Era 1485 - 1603

Jacobean Era 1603 - 1625

Elizabethan Renaissance

The renaissance during the Elizabethan era was quite significant to the country. A renaissance is signified as a change. This sounds similar to what many societies today are hoping to see out of their government leaders. Certainly, this was something that the Elizabethans were allowed to see during this era. The society as a whole is viewed as a very prominent time for England.

First off, speaking from the economic perspective things really did change in England. While the Elizabethans primarily saw the benefits, the trading industry was established by previous monarchs to Queen Elizabeth I.

Fortunately, she continued on with the policies and a lot of trading was established during Queen Elizabeth I's reign. The economy really did develop into something great. It set a good policy for being civil with other countries that most democracies still try to hold onto today.

While the economy was a renaissance in itself, you certainly can not overlook the impacts that the Literature had during the Elizabethan era. Many of the works we still study thoroughly around the world today.

People like William Shakespeare derive from this era where they produced some of the plays and literature of all time, including Macbeth. The people of this time absolutely loved the work to. Lower and upper class alike were enjoying the works on a regular basis in amphitheatres throughout England.

The style of the literature is what made it so revolutionary. Prior to this time, speaking and entertaining based on highly controversial topics was really not allowed. However, this is why William Shakespeare and peoples work of this time was so popular.

It did not fit to the custom of mystery plays that people were so used to seeing. Instead, people were shown a different side and topics that would interest them, even if they did not agree with it.

Since there was a huge establishment of literature and plays during this time, acting also became more prominent. Even before this, it was popular to attend amphitheatres, but even more were constructed during this time era. In fact, there were more often than not too many people trying to attend theatres than were allowed in the doors.

Many were forced to stand outside and listen. Therefore, acting became much more prestigious than it had been before. There was a huge change in the quality as well as learning curve for those wanting to enter into the field.

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