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Elizabethan Attitudes towards Women, Marriage, Love

The Elizabethan attitudes were generally positive but towards many of the things we still debate today had different points of view. The Elizabethan society had a very conservative outlook on things. Many of their viewpoints were substantiated from their dominant influence of Christianity, whether Protestant or Catholic. Still though, many of the viewpoints did waiver between the rich and the poor.

Marriage in Elizabethan Era

For example, marriage had a huge difference depending on what class you fell into. Marriage according to the more wealthy in England during the Elizabethan era still had arranged marriages. Generally the couples would not even court for a period of time, it was generally decided who they would marry by their parents.

Elizabethan Attitudes towards Women, Marriage, Love

Relationships in Elizabethan Era

On the opposite side of the spectrum: by this type period many of the less wealthy had already begun performing marriages much like they do today. The two parties getting married would frequently "date" and make the decision on their own.

Still though, it was considered inappropriate to have sexual relations outside of marriage. Many of their beliefs were still based upon Christianity. The primary difference was that they frequently would not have arranged marriages.

Elizabethan Attitudes towards Women, Marriage, Love

Attitude Towards Women

As far as women go, things had not changed much from earlier periods. Women were considered inferior to men. It was generally accepted that women would be at home with children and this was their primary purpose. There was a little bit of leniency because Christianity did influence some equality among married couples. Still though, they rarely worked outside of the household.

The society of the Elizabethan era as a whole had a rather positive outlook about England's future up until the end of Queen Elizabeth I's reign when England entered into the Anglo-Spanish War. The economy was doing well, the rich were getting richer and the poor were getting wealthier.

Elizabethan Attitudes towards Women, Marriage, Love

England was considered a very prominent place at this time throughout the world. The economy was well established for the most part of this era. According to most of the citizen's attitudes, England had a bright future ahead. Unfortunately, this quickly diminished and England suffered a terrible depression a couple decades after the Elizabethan period.

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