Elizabethan Era 1558 - 1603

The Tudors Era 1485 - 1603

Jacobean Era 1603 - 1625

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This is what the eBook covers:

Table of Contents:

1. Queen Elizabeth I Biography
2. Elizabethan Society and Daily Life
1.1 Government
1.2 Daily Life of People
1.3 Crime and Punishment
1.4 Elizabethan Culture and Traditions
1.4.1 Elizabethan Era Music and Dance
1.5 Elizabethan Era Theatre
1.5.1 Inn-Yard Theaters
1.5.2 Open Air Amphitheater
1.5.3 Playhouses
1.5.4 Elizabethan Theater Costume
1.5.5 Elizabethan Plays and Playwrights
1.5.6 Arts, Architecture and Literature
1.5.7 Elizabethan Era Sports
1.5.8 Festivals, holidays and celebrations
3. Elizabethan Era Clothing
3.1 Elizabethan Fashion
4. Famous Elizabethans
4.1 William Shakespeare
4.2 Sir Francis Drake
4.3 Sir Walter Raleigh
4.4 Christopher Marlowe
4.5 Christopher Columbus
5. Royal Navy and defeat of the Armada
6. Religion during Elizabethan era
7. Science and Technology
8. Elizabethan Children Education
9. Elizabethan Food
10. Death of Elizabeth and her Legacy
11. Resources for further reading

MS-Word / PDF eBook on Elizabethan Era Instant Download

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