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Jacobean London

The city of London was a bustling place during the reign of King James I. London was the centre for all major activities like industries, entertainment, etc. Owing to the industrial growth, many people from all over England would come to London in hope of finding themselves a decent job. This led to London city being the most populous of the cities in Britain.

However, there were not sufficient places for accommodating the continuous inflow of people. Thus, those who could not afford to rent a separate room were forced to live in shabby places on a sharing basis. London was also a place where there were smoking houses. Such places often provide a platform for socialization.

Jacobean London

Jacobean Plays

Theatre had reached its zenith in the Jacobean time. Plays were performed in the theatres built in London. Thus, the audience which watched the plays was restricted in number. The playwrights through their plays portrayed the life of people in London. Theatres were either public playhouses or private playhouses.

Apart from regular theatre, masques were also performed in London. Masques were a form of entertainment wherein a group of artists performed before the members of royal families. The court of King James I was situated in London and many of the masque performances have been held here. St. Katherine Cree is a church built in London during the Jacobean period and it has survived till date. The bubonic plague which erupted in London in 1625 resulted in severe loss of lives.

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